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Setra's ScriptCoder Label Design Software & Cable Kit allows custom labels to be designed through scripts that format text and data sent from a Setra Super Count™ or Quick Count™ scale. A script is a single print command that tells the scale to implement a sequence of steps. It can be written to print text and data in English on a serial dot matrix printer, or in bar code format on a thermal bar code printer. The script is stored in the scale and executed each time the specific label design or data is requested. The Super Count scale can store up to ten different scripts, while the Quick Count is limited to one.

The ScriptCoder Label Design Software and Cable Kit includes the ScriptCoder PC 3-1/2" disk, a scanning chart, instructions, and cables. The scale may be connected to an optional "intelligent" bar code decoder wand and a variety of popular serial printers. Unlimited bar code formats may be created by combining the ScriptCoder PC software with a label design package for thermal printers. This package is available from most printer manufacturers. For more information and a free demonstration of the Super Count, Quick Count, and ScriptCoder contact your local authorized Setra distributor or the factory.

ScriptCoder - Specifications

404910 ScriptCoder Label Design Software & Cable Kit
403676 Smart Wand with Setra RJ45 Connector
40411X Quick Count Scales
(capacities from 1000 g - 50,000 g)
40412X Super Count Scales
(capacities from 1000 g - 50,000 g)
404800-00vXX Quick Count EPROM
(to upgrade an existing scale)
404801-00vXX Super Count EPROM
(to upgrade an existing scale)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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