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The C Series counting scales are available in four weighing capacities ranging from 500 to 12,500 grams. Each model has a variety of features including a full function keyboard, supervisor control capability, bi-directional RS-232 communi- cations, and bar code system compatibility for reduced labor costs and increased counting accuracy.
  With Setra's technology, no part is too small to count. The C Series can calculate average piece weights based upon a very small number of lightweight parts.

Versatile full function keyboard operation provides numerous counting and weighing functions. In addition to simple sampling, reverse counting and accuracy enhancement, the numerical keys allows entry of average piece weight (APW), tare weight, operator ID and other information. Functions such as accumulation, selectable integration time, and multiple units of measure add to the flexibility of the scale.

Supervisor control capability permits the supervisor to program the minimum accuracy and minimum sample size. Higher accuracy settings cause the scale to prompt the operator for larger hand-counted samples, ensuring that sufficient sample weight is used. The minimum sample size control helps reduce errors due to part non-uniformity. Yet, thanks to Setra technology, the C Series scales require comparatively small sample sizes for a given accuracy level.

Count or weight accumulation is a feature which adds the weight or count from each transaction to scale memory. The scale keeps track of how many entries are made and the RECALL key makes it easy to determine the sum total of all entries.

Computer and printer interfacing is possible via the RS-232 port. Valuable information such as the average piece weight may be quickly downloaded from a data base. It can then be combined with count or weight data from the scale and printed.

C Series - Specifications

SETRA MODELS 500C 2000C 5000C 12000C
Capacity (lb): 1.1 4.4 11 27.5
Capacity (g): 500 2000 5000 12,500
Readability (lb): .000002 .00002 .00002 .0002
Readability (g): .001 .01 .01 .1
Internal Counting Resolution: 1 Part in 500,000
Counting Accuracy: Selectable from 90+% to 99.99%
Minimum Sample Size: Selectable from 1 to 1000+ pieces
Display Update Speed: Up to 5 times per second
Display Units: grams, ounces, pounds, troy ounces, pennyweights, carats, two user-definable units
Response Time: <2 seconds (typical)
Counting Capacity: 999,999 pieces
Data Communications: Bidirectional RS-232
Selectable Baud Rates: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
Selectable Parity: even/odd/none
Display: 6 digit LCD
Pan: Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature: 50° to 104°F (10° to 40°C)
Overall Dimensions: 7"w x 14.5"l x 5"h (180 mm x 365 mm x 130 mm)
Weight: 11 lb (5 Kg)
Shipping Weight: 17 lb (8 Kg)

Power Supplied by AC Adaptor:
Input - 120 VAC / 60 Hz
Output - 12 VDC @ 500 mA
International (European Continental)
Input - 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Output - 12 VDC @ 500 mA

Platform/Pan Dimensions:
Scale capacity (lb) Scale capacity (g)
1.1, 4.4 lb 5" dia.
11 lb 6.25" dia.
27.6 lb 7.75"L x 6.75"W
500, 2000 g 130 mm dia.
5000 g 160 mm dia.
12,500 g 195L x 170W mm

Auto Count™ 200
DYMO Labelwriter Setra 300 Printer
Battery - Porta Pak
Display Shield
Security Lock Kit

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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