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"Because the scale is much more user friendly, operators don't feel the same level of stress they once did."
-Area Supervisor, Stanley Hand Tools, Inc.

The CP Series is available in three weighing capacities; 35, 70, and 140 pounds and is perfect for applications where both small and large parts are counted. The combined high sensitivity and broad weighing range in one scale is unique to the CP Series.

Designed for easy operation and versatility, CP Series scales, with detachable keypad, count in a variety of ways, including sampling, average piece weight entry, counting with accuracy enhancement, count or weight accumulation, and reverse counting.


Versatile full function keyboard provides numerous counting and weighing functions, such as entry of the average piece weight (APW), tare weight, operator ID, and other information. Features such as accumulation, selectable update rate, and eight possible units of measure add to the flexibility of the scale.

Accuracy monitor allows the supervisor to select special settings that check the sampling process and, if necessary, cause the scale to prompt the operator if the number of pieces used in the sample is too small, or if the sample weight is insufficient.

Computer and printer interface through the bidirectional RS-232 port enables valuable information such as the APW, part number, tare weight, and count to be quickly printed or downloaded to a database. A computer program can also manage the scale by sending part numbers, APWs, and other information.

CP Series - Specifications

Capacity (lb): 35 70 140
Capacity (g): 15,900 31,800 63,600
Readability (lb): .0005 .001 .002
Readability (g): .2 .5 1
Internal Counting Resolution: 1 Part in 750,000
Counting Accuracy: Selectable from 90+% to 99.99%
Minimum Sample Size: Selectable from 1 to 1000+ pieces
Display Update Speed: Up to 5 times per second
Display Units: grams, ounces, pounds, troy ounces, pennyweights, carats, two user-definable units
Response Time: <2 seconds (typical)
Counting Capacity: 999,999 pieces
Data Communications: Bidirectional RS-232
Selectable Baud Rates: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
Selectable Parity: even/odd/none
Display: 6 digit LCD
Pan: Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature: 40° to 110°F (4° to 43°C)
Overall Dimensions: 13"w x 21.5"l x 5.25"h (330 mm x 550 mm x 130 mm)
Power Requirements: 120 VAC / 60 Hz or 230 VAC / 50 Hz (please specify when ordering)
No international IEC cords provided
Platform Dimensions: 12.5" x 15" (320 mm x 380 mm)
Weight: 30 lb (14 Kg)
Shipping Weight: 38 lb (17 Kg)

Auto Count™ 200
Battery - Internal
Battery - External
CoStar Printer
Display Shield

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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