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Since 1982, the name Setra has stood for exceptional quality in highly accurate counting scales and laboratory balances.
Now, Setra has expanded its product line to include low cost, high accuracy laboratory balances, gas cylinder filling scales, load cells for OEM applications, weight indicators for driving external strain gauge bases and a wide variety of bar code accessories to support your weighing and data logging needs.

Unique Weighing Technology
Every scale, balance, and load cell exhibits extraordinary precision due to a technology that was developed and patented by Setra: variable capacitance. All of Setra's weighing devices couple this technology with a unique ceramic sensor making it possible to deliver very high weighing accuracy at a comparatively lower price.

Counting Scales
Today, the Setra Weighing Systems Division has grown to become one of the top counting scale suppliers in the U.S. Our counting scales are used to count parts ranging from fasteners, injection molded parts, semiconductor chips, diodes and other electronic components, to money, fish, and seeds. Setra is providing scales, often equipped with bar coding or other accessories, to companies like Motorola, AT&T, Kodak, Milton Bradley and other top electronic component, instrument, aerospace, and computer manufacturers.

Laboratory Balances
Setra's laboratory balances are extremely sensitive and compete well in the market for top-loading precision balances with high readability and broad weighing range. They are noted for simplicity and a rugged design, computer compatibility, and a list of features designed to facilitate a variety of laboratory procedures. In addition, Setra's new series of low cost laboratory balances give you all the benefits at a much lower price than brands from Switzerland, Germany, or Japan.

Load Cells
Setra's load cells are used in a wide variety of specialty weighing applications from the manufacture of radio-pharmaceuticals, color matching for paint and ink manufacturing, to moisture balances for the food processing industry. Thousands of automobile collision repair shops across North America use paint mixing scales built with Setra load cells.

NEW from Setra:
Weight Indicator

Setra is pleased to announce this great new addition to our product line. The SuperView is highly capable, yet easy to use and very rugged, making it a perfect, low cost solution for industrial environments.

China Scales:

India Scales Contact:
Pardeep Thakran
India Sales Manager
DHR Holding India Pvt. Ltd.
608-609, 6th Floor, Rattan Jyoti Building, 18 Rajendra Place, New Delhi-110008, India
Phone: 001919910375712

India Master Distributor
Weightech Equipments

F-22, D.D.A. Complex, ‘A’ Block
Ring Road, Nariana,
New Delhi-110028, India
Tel. +91-11-2577 
Cell: +91 9811644373/



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